garden tea shower

the aforementioned journey into girly land…
check out the coverage at once wed

mason jar madness

spent the weekend immersed in girly, frilly, country chic land…
not  a place i visit too often, but i think that everything turned out fairly well.

photo of the mason jars and i courtesy of jasper

happy birthday to me

except mine is in the richest vintage brown leather ever

i heart alexander wang

movin’ to the country

packing up and leaving san francisco, my home for the last nine years…
moving on to greener pastures, literally.  next stop, austin!

photo: jak and jil

sorry about that

kinda disappeared there for awhile…work’s been a little crazy.  on a plus note, though, after this weekend, i should have some great photos of this hq remodel.

rehearsal dinner post at oncewed

moleskine, computer, supplies and a diet coke – the essentials for any diy project. 
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model type

how could i not post this?

humble abode

since i’ll be getting a new place shortly (more on that later), i’ve been scouring for inspiration.  i’m playing with the idea of getting rid of everything and starting over from scratch.  i want a more curated feel…only purchase things i truly love.  plus, mismatched chairs are rad.


this picture makes me want to do two things -
stop straightening my hair, and wear red lipstick

photo: jak and jil

type by city

gorgeous lettering here.  the individual quirks of a neighborhood are feeling especially relevant today. btw, i really wish you could purchase this as a poster….