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garden tea shower

the aforementioned journey into girly land…
check out the coverage at once wed

mason jar madness

spent the weekend immersed in girly, frilly, country chic land…
not  a place i visit too often, but i think that everything turned out fairly well.

photo of the mason jars and i courtesy of jasper

rehearsal dinner post at oncewed

moleskine, computer, supplies and a diet coke – the essentials for any diy project. 
check out my first post for oncewed here

invitations for miss suramya

some invitations i whipped up for my dear friend’s 30th birthday party.  (apologies for the blurry photo…the iphone is not known for its image quality)

our wedding on oncewed!

thrilled that our wedding has been featured here.  i plan on posting a few other diy projects to emily’s site in the future too!